What I have been up to?

Over the last few years I have been perusing the fine art direction with my work as well as new illustration samples and wallpapers for design.
My imagery has taken two directions, first the humours and second the strait.
The humours work is an extension of my illustration style and the strait is a new venture.
I don’t know if you are connected to illustrating or not but I hope you will find the below of interest.
If you look at the Blog on my website you will see some photos connected with the exhibition I have running at the moment at McGillan & Woodell here in Ramsgate, Kent.
Most of the work on show are fine art in direction but there are a few illustration examples, like the one from the ‘Selfish Crocodile’ picture book and the elephant I did for an IKEA poster in Sweden I did in the 80’s. You can see the ‘Selfish Crocodile’ artwork on the right in the photo.
I am trying to expand into fine art and at the moment trying different styles but I have always liked to experiment.
The exhibition runs until the middle of February 2018.
I also had the pleasure of painting two caricatures for a lady in the USA over the Christmas period as shown on my blog.

Well firstly my exhibition in Ramsgate has finished in February so I was down there lunch time collecting my work.
Nothing was sold but some body might turn up later showing an interest in a piece, but I did sell a couple of greeting cards, these carry my details so there might be a contact there.
They said there was interest in some of the work and overall a good feed back.

I have been busy finishing a book to put on Amazon Kindle, this time adult fiction. The book is called ‘Sci-Fi Shorts’ and as you can tell it’s about Sci-Fi, nine stories in total from strange events on this planet to aliens. These are all written by my self, I normally write for children’s picture books but being a Sci-Fi fan, I thought of that as a subject. I thoroughly enjoyed writing them and I have started another, this could be another collection of shorts or a single story, I haven’t decided yet.
I drew the cover artwork of the ‘Sci-Fi Shorts’ my self , of course.
You can see the book on Amazon, it’s a Kindle eBook and I show the cover on my website blog.

I have been working on a couple of Pop art images for ‘Spread Shirt’ they have a contest for the best Pop art images and offering financial awards for the top one, second and third so worth a try!
It was quite a job doing poker dots on some areas but I managed it. The first was called ‘Smile’ and the second was ‘Kiss’, this one was mainly a pair of lips and a star like explosion behind. The other was mainly a star like explosion with the word kiss.
I have no intention of developing a illustration style from these at least not at the moment!
I have dug up an old drawing course which are DVD’s and I am thinking of developing a children’s book illustration course as well. I think I will produce an illustration and explain the process whilst my partner films it. These will be for sale on my website, unless I have other ideas.

Well the long awaited picture book has started, the agreement has been completed and I am now working on the thumbnail pencil roughs.
I have produced one lot but after receiving a new version of the story which I think is better, I have produced a second lot and she has given me feed back on those. It looks like she is going in the direction of ‘Vanity Press’ to produce her book, the one she has chosen looks like they know what there doing.
I have received the first stage payment from the client so everything is going well.

I have been working on some designs to go on ‘Spreadshirt’ so hopefully I will get some sales there.
Also I have checked to see if I have put them on ‘Zazzle’, which I have.
The other thing I have been doing is looking at as I said last time, the drawing and illustration course. The drawing course is more or less ready but I have to change some details, like old address and website details. The illustration course is yet to be worked on.

Thanks for listening.

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