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On the look for an illustrator to complete some editorial or commercial illustration for your magazine, newspaper or advertisement?

With over 40 years in the industry and illustrating for some of the top media associations and companies, such as Cadburys, HSBC, Ikea and The Times.

Check out his portfolio of work in this industry here.

Ordering Process:

Step 1 – Choose your style and quantity

You have the choice between black and white sketched work (see example image on this product) or full colour illustrations (example image).

Increase the quantity of images you are purchasing by the number required.

Step 2 – Explain your design requirements

Once purchased, email ( or contact Mike through the site to specify the following:

  1. Detailed description of image desired.
  2. Associated article, topic or advertising campaign to be accompanied with the artwork.
  3. Date needed by.
Step 3 – Samples

Mike will respond to you via email with a sample sketch for your approval.

Step 4 – Large image approval

Within 1-2 days of receiving your approval, Mike will return with a full-size pencil image for approval.

Step 5 – Final image

After the full-size pencil image has been approved or altered according to your requirements, Mike will complete and send through the finished artwork both by post and email.

Mike is able to complete such work within 3 working days should you state in your email the work is URGENT and you respond to his sample sketches promptly.


If you have any questions about this process, or would rather deal with Mike directly, or if you wish to discuss more specific, specialist orders, you can contact him here.